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IsaBody Challenge® Success Stories

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2011 IsaBody Challenge Top 10

  • Jill B. Before and After
    Jill B. Before


    Jill B. After


    Jill B.
    Pleasant View, Utah
    187 pounds
    55 pounds*
    3% body fat*

    Jill’s relationship with Isagenix started in 2002, but it wasn’t until a close casting call with the Biggest Loser did she fully commit to her new healthy lifestyle. She didn’t make the show, but she did follow the Isagenix system through its run.

    “I was do or die,” says Jill. “I knew this was going to help me.”

    By the time the Biggest Loser finale aired, Jill lost more weight than some of the best contestants and she discovered a new, better way to enjoy her life.

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  • Lisa W. Before and After
    Lisa W. Before


    Lisa W. After


    Lisa W.
    Calgary, Alberta
    155 pounds
    18 pounds*
    September 2011

    A year after giving birth to her fourth child, Lisa’s life spiraled out her control. She was unhappy with her appearance, unable to lose the extra baby weight, and beyond exhausted. She knew something had to change.

    Starting with a 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, Lisa began her life-changing transformation. She was challenged even more when she heard the 2011 IsaBody Challenge had upped the ante for the grand prize winner.

    “I am a very competitive person so it was just what I needed,” says the mother of four. “I needed something to strive toward.”

    Two weeks into her workouts, Lisa felt like a whole new person.

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  • Anthony S. Before and After
    Anthony S. Before


    Anthony S. After


    Anthony S.
    Landsdowne, Pennsylvania
    368 pounds
    97 pounds* (140 overall)
    September 2011

    Depressed and battling fatigue and anxiety at every turn, the 35-year-old from Pennsylvania was about to start scanning the phone book for gastric bypass doctors when an acquaintance from a motorcycle enthusiast forum mentioned Isagenix®.

    “I watched video after video about Isagenix and it seemed like everyone was sincere about their experiences,” shares Anthony. “I decided to order it to see what would happen.”

    He also joined the 2011 IsaBody Challenge® so he could have a cash incentive to keep him motivated.

    As he began replacing his breakfasts and dinners with nutrient-dense IsaLean® Shakes, he began to rethink his eating habits and create a dramatic transformation. The dynamic transformation soon began, and left even his friends speechless.

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  • Annie S. Before and After
    Annie S. Before


    Annie S. After


    Annie S.
    Milton, Ontario

    39.5 pounds* and 8 dress sizes*
    September 2011

    Annie has always been a big dreamer. But, when her marriage suddenly fell apart she was forced to change many of her dreams. A single mother raising two young children on her flight attendant salary, Annie found herself reconsidering her pathway.

    “I was sitting at my desk looking at my bank accounts and trying to decide which dreams I was going to live,” recalls Annie of Ontario. “It really hurt to know that I wouldn’t be able to live all the dreams I had hoped for my children.”

    When her Isagenix sponsor suggested the 2011 IsaBody Challenge® with its hefty grand prize, the 32-year-old signed up for Isagenix® and the Challenge and decided to go for her dreams (and her dream body!).

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  • Joseph P. Before and After
    Joseph P. Before


    Joseph P. After


    Joseph P.
    Winkler, Manitoba
    378 pounds
    106 pounds*
    September 2011

    A painful divorce and custody battle left Joseph emotionally drained and unhappy. But, rather than turning to smoking or drinking like he had 15 years prior, the former Canadian Armed Forces serviceman took to the fast food drive thru and began eating.

    As the weight piled on, acceptance from his family diminished to almost no relationship at all. Alone and feeling discouraged, Joseph wasn’t sure if he’d ever be his same old self again.

    Then, he met his wife.

    “She saw me for who I was,” Joseph shares. “I was her diamond in the rough.”

    After his wife, Lorraine, stumbled across Isagenix®, she was convinced that it was the answer to helping her husband get healthier and back on track to reaching his true potential.

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  • Rick K. Before and After
    Rick K. Before


    Rick K. After


    Rick K.
    Wasilla, Alaska

    218 pounds
    31 pounds* and 8 inches off waist*
    September 2011

    A top leader for the company, 59-year-old Rick admits that bad knees and a bad back left him too achy to pursue sports and activity beyond his outdoor hunting routines. That all changed when Rick learned about the Isagenix Joint and Pain Relief System.

    “I was surprised when the pain reduced and I really noticed a difference in my joints,” shares Rick, after trying the Ageless Joint Support™ tablets and Ageless Pain Relief™ Cream. “I realized that I could join the IsaBody Challenge and finally work out the way that I’d always wanted.”

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  • Marina B. Before and After
    Marina B. Before


    Marina B. After


    Marina B.
    Qualicum Beach, British Columbia
    221 pounds
    48.5 pounds* and 6 dress sizes*
    September 2011
    “I had a friend who had lost 100 pounds, but I just hadn’t thought it was for me,” explains Marina.
    “I asked her if I would get tired of the products and finally, I just realized I wouldn’t know until I tried it.”

    She began with the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System and was shocked when the excess weight began to come off. She heard about the 2011 IsaBody Challenge® and committed to, as her husband often says, “go broke or go home.”

    Months later, Marina says she was floored by how good she felt and her incredible results.

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  • Tracy and Mark L. Before and After
    Tracy and Mark L. Before


    Tracy and Mark L. After


    Tracy and Mark L.
    Chandler, Arizona
    32 and 38
    5'4" and 5'9"
    195 and 245 pounds
    35 pounds* and 46 pounds*
    September 2011

    In 2008, Mark discovered he was suffering from a virus that was attacking and weakening his heart. Doctors put Mark on a restricted-sodium diet, which required Tracy to be more cautious of foods they purchased or prepared.

    Unfortunately, “we discovered that foods low in sodium were often high in fats and carbohydrates,” shared Tracy.

    Tipping the scale at 245 pounds* Mark’s heart was working harder because of his excess weight, the one thing the couple realized they could control.

    After hearing about Isagenix, Tracy knew the products would be the catalyst for shedding the weight they both desperately needed to lose. Together they signed up and entered the IsaBody Challenge®. Tracy and Mark committed to healthier eating habits, and a more active lifestyle. By the end of the challenge, the two were amazed with their results

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  • Gary S. Before and After
    Gary S. Before


    Gary S. After


    Gary S.
    Las Vegas, NV
    207 pounds
    40 pounds* and 5 pant sizes*
    September 2011

    Gary never thought of himself as overweight; in fact, he considered himself relatively healthy compared to other people his age.

    That was until he began to recognize his many setbacks: 50 extra pounds, shrinking clothes and everyday body aches. Walking for long periods of time became unbearable. The pain also took him away from the one thing he cherished most, hiking with his wife.

    After hearing about the IsaBody Challenge® Gary realized he needed to change. Determined to be energetic and healthy again, Gary took on the Challenge and was shocked by his results.

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  • Safiye F. Before and After
    Safiye F. Before


    Safiye F. After


    Safiye F.
    Johnston, Iowa
    220 pounds
    53 pounds and 3 dress sizes*
    September 2011

    Introduced to Isagenix® by a longtime high school friend, Safiye ordered her first 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System as a way to regain a sense of stability. She knew she was capable of raising four children and reclaiming her figure—she just needed the platform.

    Determined to fit Isagenix into her everyday routine, Safiye sought out inspiration and found it at an Isagenix event, the 2011 New Year Kick Off. During the final night of the three-day event she set her plan into action. Completely committed to the 30-Day System™, Safiye signed up for the IsaBody Challenge.

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  • Pamela M. and Kyle S. Before and After
    Pamela M. and Kyle S. Before


    Pamela M. and Kyle S. After


    Pamela M. and Kyle S.
    Brampton, Ontario
    49 and 20
    155 and 196 pounds
    26 pounds and 48 pounds*
    September 2011

    When Kyle returned home on his college break, he noticed both he and his mother gained weight. It was then that he suggested to his mother that they both do the IsaBody Challenge. “He said ‘Okay, Mom, let’s do this together,’” recalls 49-year-old Pamela of Ontario.

    So, the pair devised a plan. By following the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System to the letter, working out regularly and keeping their eyes on the 2011 Challenge grand prize, the two remained focused on their goal. With their plan solidified, the mother-son duo parted ways and set to work; Kyle back at his university, and Pamela pursuing her career and goals at home. Thanks to regular phone calls and e-mails, their excitement remained fueled, especially as they shared their successes with one another.

    When Kyle finally returned home weeks later, both of their jaws hit the floor.

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