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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about how the Challenge works and how to submit your story? Check out our frequently asked questions for more information!

  • What is the IsaBody Challenge?

    TThe IsaBody Challenge is a contest that rewards participants for both body and life transformations. The participants who not only improve their bodies the most, but also improve their lifestyles, will be the Challenge winners. Each participant will be judged on both their “before” and “after” photos as well as an essay describing their journey. We are looking for the most inspirational and motivational stories as to how participants have made a healthy body and life transformation. No matter your size, shape, or fitness level, we invite you to participate in the IsaBody Challenge by setting and achieving new goals for your health and wellness.

  • Who is eligible to participate in the Challenge?

    The Challenge is open to anyone that is 18 years of age or older. Participants must also be an active Isagenix® Associate or Preferred Customer.

  • When does the IsaBody Challenge start and end?

    Registration for the IsaBody Challenge is always open. The challenge runs for 16 weeks, so your start date will be the day you register in the Back Office. The date that you end your Challenge will determine the judging period you qualify for.

  • How do I get started with my IsaBody Challenge?

    If you are a current Isagenix Associate or Preferred Customer you can purchase your Isagenix products and register for the Challenge in your Back Office. Select “Contests and Promotions” scroll to the IsaBody Challenge and select “View Contest”. From there you can upload your four before photos, start date, height, weight and challenge emphasis.

    If you are not yet an Independent Isagenix Associate and would like more information on how to enter please contact your Independent Isagenix Associate or Customer Service at or 480-889-5777.

    From there we suggest tracking your statistics and beginning your nutrition and exercise regimen. Listen to our weekly IsaBody Podcasts with Jill and Scott Knight to share goals, ask questions and get expert advice every week. Visit for more information.

  • Is there a certain product purchase requirement for the Challenge?

    Yes. A minimum of 500 BV of Isagenix products is required during your 16 week Challenge period.

  • Is exercise a requirement of the Challenge?

    No, exercise is not a requirement of the Challenge, but is highly recommended to help support the Isagenix nutritional systems. Please consult with a physician and a certified health trainer for the exercise program that suits you best. Visit and tune in to the weekly IsaBody Podcasts with Jill and Scott Knight to share goals, ask questions and get expert advice every week. Visit for more information.

  • I am already in good shape. Am I still eligible to compete in the Challenge?

    Yes! The IsaBody Challenge is all about the transformation and is intended to promote energy and performance, weight loss, and healthy aging. If this means that your weight stayed the same but your body fat percentage decreased and helped you to achieve other goals, this is just as substantial as a person who loses a substantial amount of weight in the given time period. The “before” and “after” photos are 50% of the judging process, the essay is 50%, and a positive weight will go to those that have competed in a previous IsaBody challenge.

  • How do I track my progress during the IsaBody Challenge?

    There are no requirements in tracking your own progress; however we do recommend documenting your changes as the Challenge progresses to help with the composition of the essay required at the end of the competition. Your Back Office will allow you to track your statistics for your own personal accountability. They are not a requirement of the judging process so anything you wish to submit to the judges must be sent in separately at the end of your challenge. Any supplemental information you provide to Isagenix while not guaranteed, may be used in the judging process.

  • My spouse and I share an account can we both register under the same ID number?

    No, unfortunately each IsaBody Challenge participant must have a unique ID number associated with their registration. If a two people share an account one of the members will have to register as an Associate or Preferred Customer in order to compete in the challenge.

  • Do I have to take a picture of myself in order to compete in the IsaBody Challenge?

    Yes, “before” and “after” photos are required for the IsaBody Challenge. In addition, Participants who complete their 16-week Challenge period three weeks or more prior to Challenge end date must submit final “maintenance” photos which will be used during judging to verify that the Challenge results have been maintained through the end of the Challenge. For more details, visit the rules tab section of to see timelines and what is required to complete.

  • How do I find out if I have won the Challenge?

    Challenge finalists will be notified by phone or by e-mail following the close of the judging. The Grand Prize winner will be determined at the Celebration event and will be revealed on stage. The names of the winners and runners up will also be posted on the Isagenix Website after Celebration.

  • Can I restart my Challenge?

    Yes, restarting your challenge is simple and you may do so at any time. Just log in to your Back Office, select the “Contests and Promotions” tab. Scroll down to IsaBody Challenge and click “View Contest”. Click “Go to Challenge” scroll down and select “Resign”. You will need to provide a reason and confirm the resignation. From there you will be brought back to the main page where you can select “Start a New Challenge”. Remember you must now submit your “before” photos at the time of registration.

  • Do I need to have a photo with the newspaper?

    The date of your photo must be verified. We recommend taking a photo with the current day’s newspaper. This can be any paper as long as the date is clearly visible. We recommended keeping a photo of the front page for your records in case any date questions arise during judging. You may also utilize a date and time stamp on your photo if a newspaper is not available. See the official rules and regulations for more information about required photos.

  • What is required to successfully complete the IsaBody Challenge?
    • A minimum of 500BV accumulated within the 16 weeks of your IsaBody Challenge.
    • 4 ‘Before’ Photos
    • 4 ‘After’ Photos
    • One 250-500 Word Essay
    • 4 Maintenance Photos (only if you completed your IsaBody Challenge three or more weeks prior to your Judging Period Deadline.)
  • What if I do not like my before photo’s?

    You can always use your “Life style photos” to help reveal better pictures of your body. Lifestyle photos do not require a newspaper/timestamp photo.

  • When will I receive my Achievement Award?

    Achievement awards are awarded at the close of your IsaBody Judging Period. Your IsaBody start and end date determine which IsaBody Judging Period you are placed in.

  • What are Lifestyle Photos?

    These can be any photos you wish to include for the judges to see. Examples include but are not limited to:

    • Additional Before Photos/ Additional after photos
    • Active Lifestyle Photos
    • Family Photos
    • Photos to better help share your “IsaBody” Story
  • What Judging Period am I in?
    • There are three IsaBody Challenge Judging Periods. Depending on when you start and complete your IsaBody Challenge, you will always be placed within one of the three. Members will always be placed within a judging period. The following timeline determines what judging period you are placed in based on your end date:
    • NYKO Judging: Registered before July 19th and completed between June 21 and Nov 8
    • Top Achievers Judging: Completed between Nov 9 and Feb 28
    • Celebration Judging: Completed between March 1 and June 20